Best and Worst Halloween Treats for Your Child’s Teeth

hallowen-candyMost children rarely think about the consequences of the sweet treats they gather each Halloween. However, as a parent, the chances are good that you are all too aware the toll Halloween treats take on your youngster’s teeth.

Here is a list of candies that you might want to convince your child to avoid.

Chewy Candies — Chewy candies take a long time to ingest and this means the sugar has longer contact with your child’s teeth. It also seeps between the teeth and down by the gumline, which can make it difficult for a child to adequately brush away. Caramels, Milk Duds, Sugar Daddys, and taffy should all be avoided or only consumed in very limited quantities.

Sour Candies — The acid in sour candies such as Warheads, lemon drops, and Sour Patch candies, increase the acidity in your child’s mouth. The acidity destroys tooth enamel.

Despite the long list of bad candies, there are some viable tasty candy options that you can let your child enjoy without worrying too much. Even though many of us grow up believing chocolate is bad for you, it is a viable sweet treat for your child this Halloween that might actually benefit your child’s oral health. Chocolate contains tannins, which naturally fight harmful oral bacteria. Sugar-free candies are also an ideal option for you child this Halloween.

Halloween is a fun time of year for young and old alike. However, after eating Halloween treats, be sure that your child promptly brushes and flosses his teeth. You should also avoid letting your child consume small amounts of candy throughout the day because this exposes his teeth to sugar and other harmful substances for a longer period of time than a short candy-eating binge.

Remember, Halloween is about having fun. With good oral hygiene habits and a few precautions, there is no harm in letting your child enjoy certain Halloween treats this season.

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