Back to School: How to Prevent and Handle Oral Sports Injuries

sportinjuryIt’s extremely common for kids to experience dental injuries when playing sports. When kids are swinging around baseball bats, running full speed down a court, and throwing balls towards each other accidents can easily occur. Below is a guide explaining how to prevent, and handle, oral sports injuries.

Protection: Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are an excellent form of protection against dental related injuries. It’s a great idea to provide your kids with mouth guards, regardless of what sport they’re playing. Mouth guards prevent an estimated 200,000 dental injuries a year. Not only do mouth guards prevent tooth injuries, but they also help protect your child’s tongue and lips as well. Texas Dental cares about your child’s safety, which is why we provide top quality, custom fit, athletic guards to help protect your child’s teeth.

In Case of Injury: Call Your Dentist Immediately

If your child does suffer a dental injury, you should contact your dentist immediately. Texas Dental knows that accidents happen, and that when your child is in pain you want them cared for right away. We actually allow extra time in our schedule for emergencies, so we can help care for injuries quickly and efficiently. We’ve also made it extremely easy for you to locate us if an injury occurs, treating emergencies at two separate locations, so that you’re not driving all the way across town while your child is in pain.

If the Tooth is Cracked or Knocked Out

If your child’s tooth is cracked, rinse their mouth with warm water. This will help remove any harmful bacteria that might surround the tooth. If the tooth is completely knocked out, keep it moist by either putting it back in the socket, careful to avoid the root, or putting it in a glass of milk. This will give you the best chance for keeping the tooth alive. Texas Dental will try to replace a knocked out tooth that has been kept alive. If the tooth is cracked, we provide fillings that are made of tooth-colored composite. These fillings provide a look and feel that matches the rest of your teeth, so no one will know the difference.

At Texas Dental we know that everyone is unique, so we individualize our dental care to serve you as efficiently as possible. Our staff is knowledgeable, and genuinely cares for our patients. We make you a priority, and always strive to give you the best service possible. For dental injury prevention, or any other dental needs you and your family has, please contact us today.

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