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4 Tips to Have Great Dental Health in the Dorms


Going from living in luxury at home to a college dorm can be a daunting change. You now have to share your living space with new people, all of whom come from different walks of life. Not to mention, you don’t have your parents to hold you accountable for doing anything anymore! It’s easy to let your health habits slide when you’re in college, but forgetting about your oral healthcare routine can have serious consequences in the long run. Here are some fun and easy ways to maintain your dental care routine even in the dorms.

Limit Sugar As Much As You Can

What’s a college experience without grabbing a candy bar from the vending machine on the way to class or some late night snacking while studying? It can be alienating to put a cap on how much sugar you consume in college, but it isn’t just about avoiding the “freshman fifteen.” Sugar is damaging to your teeth, especially if you don’t brush or floss your teeth regularly. Discoloration, cavities, and decay can all occur more rapidly if your sugar consumption is out of control. Supplement your diet with protein and fiber-rich foods like leafy greens, fresh fruit, and cheese to keep your teeth even healthier.

Set a Routine & Stick to It

If you have multiple roommates or share a bathroom with an entire floor of people, it can be a struggle finding an open sink to brush your teeth at. Find a routine that works best for you and stick to it so that you can brush and floss your teeth twice a day without having to skip just because all of the sinks are taken.

Find a Great Dentist

Emergencies happen, and if you go to school far away from your hometown, it can be tough trying to find a dentist at the last minute. Make sure you visit a dentist near your campus and have their emergency contact information with you just in case.

Use Straws

If you drink coffee, tea, or acidic beverages, try to use a straw when drinking to prevent an excessive amount of acid from having contact with your teeth.

Balancing studying, friendships, and on campus jobs can be tough during college, but keeping your teeth healthy doesn’t have to be! Whether you have come to the San Antonio area from out-of-state or are proud to call it your hometown, we’d love to see you for a visit here at Texas Dental. Schedule your appointment!

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