Celebrate a Tooth-Healthy Thanksgiving


The Thanksgiving holiday is a time for visiting with the family, showing gratitude for the good things in life, and…..eating great food- lots and lots of great food. From Grandma’s famous cranberry sauce to Aunt Sally’s sweet potato pie, Thanksgiving treats are sure to satisfy all cravings. After the holidays, that satisfaction may turn into a tooth irritation if you aren’t aware of what you’re eating. 

At Texas Dental, we understand that most people (especially children) will not and can not completely eliminate all food that is harmful to your teeth, especially during the holidays. However, you can still enjoy great food and reduce the risk of tooth decay with these suggestions for making tooth-friendly Thanksgiving treats.

  • Side Dishes: Cook your Thanksgiving fixings with sesame or coconut oil instead of butter. Not only will replacing fat and butter with oil help your waistline, it also helps your teeth and gums. Sesame and coconut oil are full of minerals that strengthen tooth enamel and fight bacteria. Topping your sides with some sesame seeds also benefits your teeth while adding a nice crunch. 

Be sure to contact us at Texas Dental to make an appointment or if you have any further questions. Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving this year!


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