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Can You Brush Too Much?


Can you ever have too much of a good thing, such as brushing your teeth? Brushing is the best way to keep your teeth free from plaque and bacteria and to protect your teeth from future decay, but how much of it is too much?

Why Do We Brush Our Teeth?

Brushing your teeth is the most effective way of removing built up bacteria and food residue from the surface of your teeth. It fights decay, bad breath, and can even help whiten your teeth depending on the toothpaste you use. While it’s recommended that you brush your teeth twice per day for two minutes at a time, many people prefer to brush their teeth a third time in the afternoon as well, especially if they have had a strong-smelling lunch or important meetings at work.

Is It Possible to Brush Too Much?

Brushing your teeth for more than three times a day or for more than two minutes at a time does not mean that you will have cleaner, whiter teeth. Once you’ve removed all of the plaque and bacteria off the surface of your teeth, there’s not much more you need to do for your teeth! In fact, brushing too much or too hard can actually irritate your gums, leading to bleeding and sensitivity as well as susceptibility to bacteria growth.

If you think that you could use more cleaning, make sure that you’re also flossing between your teeth and under your gums to remove bacteria from hard-to-reach places. If you’re trying for whiter teeth, visit our office at Texas Dental to learn more about Dash™ in-office teeth whitening or custom take-home whitening kits. You can have a whiter smile in just under an hour!

Don’t put your teeth and gums at risk just because you want cleaner or whiter teeth. At Texas Dental, we offer a variety of services, from restorative to cosmetic treatments, that can give you the smile of your dreams. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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