How to Ease Your Fear of the Dentist


At Texas Dental, we know that very few people actually look forward to going to the dentist — don’t worry, we aren’t offended! Our top priority is providing quality, comfortable dental care that you and your family can rely on. So, we want to share some strategies that might help you to overcome your fear of the dentist and encourage regular visits. After all, practicing good oral hygiene habits and getting regular check-ups help prevent costly, painful procedures in the future.

Considering the Root Causes

For many folks, a bad dental experience as a child can lead to a lifetime of dental phobia. Others might feel that a lack of control, their own bad teeth, or an anxiety disorder contribute to their fear of the dentist. Whatever the root causes for your fear, acknowledging your trepidation is an important first step to easing your fears. We are committed to providing gentle, compassionate care that helps our patients learn to manage any dental anxiety they may have.

Get to Know Your Dentist

Dr. Miranda and Dr. Simonyan understand that many people are afraid of the dentist. You won’t hurt their feelings if you mention that to them! In fact, they’d prefer to know so they can address your fears. They’re happy to take the time to answer any questions or address any concerns you might have.

We find that our patients often feel less anxious during their visit if they understand the process, so you should always feel welcome to ask us to explain something you don’t understand. We are happy to take the extra time to help you overcome your fear, because your comfort is a important to us.

Bring a Buddy

There’s safety in numbers; bringing someone you trust who understands your fear of the dentist can help reassure you and help you stay calm during your visit. Some of our patients find that if they bring a close friend or family member, they feel much more relaxed and at ease during their dentist appointment.

Consider Sedation

If you have severe dental phobia, you may consider IV sedation at your next visit. It’s a safe, effective way to calm your nerves and make your treatment fly by.

Your semi-annual check-up does not need to be a source of anxiety and procrastination. In fact, regular visits to our office can save you time and money in the long run: those who get regular check-ups are much less likely to need major dental work.

Give our office a call today at (210) 348-3616 (FM 78 location) or (210) 321-9846 (Bandera Road location), and don’t be afraid to mention your fear of the dentist. Our staff will do everything we can to make sure your experience is as comfortable as possible. Contact us to make your appointment!

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