What to Expect After Dental Implant Surgery

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Are you having dental implants placed and want to know how long it will take to heal or what you can expect when you get home? Here is a comprehensive list of what you can do to help your mouth heal properly following dental implant surgery.

Day One

In the first hour, you may need to keep gauze packs that were placed over the surgical area in place by biting down gently but firmly, at least until any bleeding is under control. Sometimes it takes up to an hour before the bleeding subsides. Make sure you maintain pressure if it doesn’t! Do not touch the surgical area with anything and also avoid smoking as this will stunt the healing process.

How to Keep Your Mouth Clean

Brush your teeth the night of surgery but make sure you are very gentle around the surgical area. You can swish gently but do not swish vigorously! In the first few days post-surgery, swelling is common and can be controlled with a cold pack. Use something like an ice bag or frozen peas or a cold pack and apply to your cheek for twenty minutes.

At-Home Self Care

You will likely experience some level of discomfort or even pain following surgery, but this can be controlled with medication. You may also experience some nausea but sipping on something that calms your stomach, like ginger ale, will help with this.

Most importantly, get some rest and do not do any exercise in the 3 to 4 days following surgery. Essentially, you just need to take it easy for a few days and allow the body to naturally heal. Use this time to catch up on television shows or a good book!

Our office will provide you detailed information for what you need to do after surgery, as well as give you plenty of information about what you can expect. If you have any questions about dental implants, schedule a consultation today by calling our friendly team or booking your appointment online.

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