What You Need to Know About Dental Implants

Dental ImplantsIf you have lost a tooth, dental implants can restore it to its natural appearance with full functionality.  Rather than wearing temporary dentures or using a dental bridge, you can have a cosmetic dentist implant that is an entirely new tooth and root system.  This is an ideal option for people with busy lifestyles who do not want to worry about their missing tooth.

There are several ways to replace a tooth that has fallen out including a dental bridge and dentures.  Both are viable options.  A dental bridge is created by placing a crown on the two teeth that are surrounding the missing one and placing a bridge and synthetic tooth between them.  This is a non-surgical option that is extremely effective but requires the surrounding teeth to be strong enough to support the bridge.  Full or partial dentures do not depend on any other teeth for their stability, but they feel unnatural and can become loose easily.  Those who don’t want to wear dentures or don’t have other teeth to support a dental bridge are best served by implants.

Before a cosmetic dentist can start the procedure a full dental examination must be completed to determine if the gums and jaw are strong enough to support the implant.  If not, other dental procedures will be performed first in order to make the gums healthy and the jawbone strong.  This is an important step since healthy gums are vital to having a tooth successfully implanted. During the initial exam a mold may also be taken of the mouth so that the new synthetic teeth can be created in a dental lab.

Next, a metal piece will be implanted underneath the gum line and secured to the jawbone.  This can take several hours, depending on how many teeth are being replaced.  In time the metal piece and jawbone will fuse together in order to create a completely durable synthetic root system.  It will take a few months for the gums to heal completely and the pieces to fuse together. Once completed, you will be ready to have your new teeth placed inside of your mouth.

During that dental appointment, our cosmetic dentist will take the new teeth and attach them to a second metal piece at the surface of your gum line. They will be positioned perfectly in order to look completely natural and blend in with your other teeth.  Once the procedure is done you will be able to eat all of your favorite foods and speak without fear of your teeth becoming loose.

Dental implants are often used to create the perfect smile.  People who want straight teeth can have their existing ones taken out and replaced with implants that look completely perfect.  They can also be used to replace uneven teeth or those that look old and dated.  Whatever you reason is for wanting a new smile, Texas Dental West can help.  To learn more about your options call and schedule an appointment today.

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