It’s Football Season and More Athletes Are Turning to Dental Implants to Restore Missing Teeth

Dental ImplantsWith fall sports in full swing more athletes are turning to dental implants to replace teeth that become severely damaged or fall out while playing the game.  Football fans are looking forward to tailgates and Sunday afternoons with the big screen on but for many athletes this fall will bring injuries.  Dental injuries may not be front and center in people’s minds but according to the American Dental Association, 13 to 39 percent of tooth loss every year is due to sports injuries. This is significant, and around $500 million is spent every year to restore those missing teeth.

When teeth are knocked out there are several options for replacing them.  If you can locate the tooth, put it in milk, and come in right away, we may be able to save the natural tooth.  If, however the tooth is not salvageable the traditional options include dentures, dental bridges, and implants.  Dentures have been worn for centuries and are more comfortable than ever, but they are not a good solution for athletes.  Those that have an active lifestyle, and want to stay that way, need a replacement tooth that won’t become loose when running around.  Dental bridges are a better alternative to dentures because they are secured to the two teeth surrounding the missing one.  They are a more permanent solution and can look completely natural when the procedure is done by an expert cosmetic dentist.

The best solution for replacing missing teeth is dental implants.  This is a permanent way to do so because we implant a metal post under the gums and secure it to the jawbone.  The bone and metal will fuse together to create a durable synthetic root system that a new tooth can be secured to.  The process can take several months but is completely worth it because implants provide athletes and all active adults, with the ability to keep up their normal activity levels without fear of their tooth falling out or becoming loose.

What is the most dangerous sport?

Parents should be aware that football is not the most dangerous sport for your teeth.  While it is a highly physical contact sport, players have to wear a helmet and mouth guard.  This protects the face and mouth from many injuries.  While dental injuries do occur, they are less frequent than in sports where no protection gear is worn.  In fact, the University of California athletic department found that basketball is the most dangerous sport for your teeth with 11 out of every 100 UC players reporting dental injuries over the course of nine years.  This is largely because they are not required to wear mouth guards.

If you want to protect your or your children’s teeth from sports related injury, wear a mouth guard while playing or practicing.  Additionally, by keeping your teeth and gums infection free, they will be strong enough to withstand an accident and be less likely to get knocked out.  If they do, we can help by installing dental implants that are both durable and beautiful.

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