Cosmetic Dentists Do More than Make Teeth Beautiful

Cosmetic DentistsIf you want to have your smile corrected, cosmetic dentists can help.  Many people think of a cosmetic dentist as someone that simply whitens teeth or creates glamorous smiles.  This is all a possibility but not the only focus of a practice like Dr. Miranda’s.  He can do far more with cosmetic dentistry like helping patients have healthy teeth and gums and providing restorative dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry is in place to provide patients and dentists with options. Previously, if a tooth was severely damaged or infected it may have been pulled due to a lack of alternative solutions.  This left many patients scared to visit the dentist and uninterested in having common problems treated. Fortunately, modern dental technology has improved to the point that patients have a large variety of options and are able to select treatments that fit their lifestyle and the goals they have for their appearance.

Cosmetic dentists are able to use the latest dental techniques to save and restore teeth that have become damaged or infected.  Here are some of the ways that Dr. Miranda does so:

Root canals and dental crowns.  When a tooth becomes severely infected and the dental pulp and roots are impacted, a root canal is necessary for removing the infection.  This must be done or the infection will spread and create additional pain.  After the infection and lingering bacteria have been removed, Dr. Miranda will place a dental filling.  This is a major procedure where a portion of the tooth is removed.  In order to provide additional stability and allow the patient to eat normally, a dental crown is typically placed around the corrected tooth.  A crown is a complete cap that protects the tooth and prevents anything from touching it directly.  Technology has improved to the point where dental crowns are now made out of all-ceramic and ceramic-on-metal so that patients do not automatically have to select an all-metal crown. In the past a severely infected tooth may have been pulled and now it can typically be saved.

Chipped teeth and dental veneers.  When someone is in a car accident or hurt on the job, their tooth may become damaged in the process.  A chipped or broken tooth may become painful in addition to looking bad.  Dr. Miranda can restore the tooth to its full functionality while improving its appearance by using a dental veneer.  This thin shell is created in a dental lab to match the size, shape, and color of the surrounding teeth.  By placing it over the top of the damaged tooth, Dr. Miranda can create a perfect looking tooth. A veneer is also used to create a gorgeous smile by placing one over all of a person’s visible teeth.

Solutions for missing teeth.  When teeth fall out or have to be pulled it creates oral health issues that go beyond the appearance of someone’s smile.  Missing teeth can make it difficult to eat or speak clearly.  When too many fall out the face can start to look sunken.  Cosmetic dentists can replace missing teeth using a variety of procedures including a dental bridge and dental implants.

To learn more about how cosmetic dentistry can help you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Miranda at Texas Dental West.

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