Why Adults Should Consider Braces

BracesMany adults think that once they pass puberty, braces are no longer an option for them.  The reality is that braces are an excellent solution at any age and there are many benefits for getting them.  They can be used to straighten teeth and also to align a jaw that may be creating pain and even TMJ symptoms.

One of the common reasons that people decide to straighten their teeth is in order to improve their appearance. This can actually be more important as an adult as recent studies have pointed out.  According to a Match.com survey of 5,000 men and women, a beautiful smile was the most attractive quality someone can have. An Oral-B study confirmed this when 2,000 people found that those with a beautiful smile and straight teeth were 20 percent more attractive than those without.

A straight smile is clearly important for becoming more attractive, but it can do much more than that.  The University of California conducted their own research into whether or not being attractive actually improved life.  Their results indicate that it has a significant advantage.  People who are considered attractive make an average of 12 percent more money that other people who were considered average or bad looking.  They were also viewed as a better team player and more helpful.  Braces may actually help you to make more money by improving your smile.

In addition to improving the way people perceive you, a straight smile can improve your own self-confidence.  People who are confident in themselves tend to have a better outlook on life and smile more often.  All around – positive things.

Beyond improving your appearance, braces are also important for improving your health.  Crooked teeth are susceptible to having food become stuck inside of them which increase the risk of bacteria and plaque building up.  As it does, the risk of cavities and gum disease are also increased.  This makes it difficult for people with severely crooked teeth to keep their teeth healthy.  They are also more likely to become yellow or stained due to how difficult it can be to brush and floss them.

When a person’s bite is off, naturally or due to crooked teeth, this can create more health problems.  People may be prone to getting bad headaches, experiencing jaw pain, and pain in their neck and shoulders – all due to a misaligned jaw.  Teeth grinding can also be more common which decreases the strength of teeth while also creating further pain.  These are all issues that can be addressed by wearing braces and having an orthodontist align your jaw into the proper position.

The benefits are truly endless, and an experienced orthodontist is the best person to speak with about your options.  You can also consult with a dentist that may be able to point out simple solutions, depending on how crooked your teeth really are.  Taking the time to improve your smile has been proven to be advantageous regardless of how hold you are.


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