A Cosmetic Dentist Can Give You a Hollywood Smile

Cosmetic Dentist
Cosmetic Dentist

If you want a glamorous smile, visit a cosmetic dentist.  Hollywood stars look amazing as they grace the big screen and covers of magazines with gorgeous bright white smiles.  It can be easy for people to feel like their smile is dated and dull.  However, the reality is that most stars do not get a smile like that on their own.  They rely on the skills of a dental professional to transform their smile into something stunning.

There are several ways to transform a smile.  The first and easiest way is to have your teeth professionally whitened.  A bright white smile is warm, welcoming, and stands out from the crowd.  This procedure is easy to do and can be completed at home and on your own schedule.  We provide patients with custom made teeth whitening trays and professional whitening gel so that you can use it whenever your teeth are looking stained or dull. The process is so easy that there is no reason not to try it.

After your teeth have been whitened, a cosmetic dentist can meet with you to discuss the overall goals that you have for your smile.  Bring a list of the things that you don’t like and be prepared to discuss them in detail.  This should include any teeth that are out of place, old fillings and crowns, gaps, and more.  By discussing everything on your list, a treatment plan can be created to resolve those issues.

We have several ways to improve a patient’s smile, including:

  • Natural looking dental crowns.  If you are wearing old metal crowns, we can replace them with porcelain-on-metal, all-porcelain, or all-ceramic crowns that look completely natural.  The shade will match the surrounding teeth so that they blend in.  This is an ideal solution for people that don’t want to have a mouth full of metal.
  • Dental veneers.  These are a popular option for creating a perfect uniform smile.  Veneers can cover stains, close gaps, and make teeth even or straight.  They are an ideal solution for creating a glamorous Hollywood smile because they go on top of the existing teeth, use a person’s natural root system, and look gorgeous once done.
  • Dental implants.  When someone has lost a tooth, leaving a gaping hole is not an attractive option.  Dentures can be worn as a temporary replacement, but they are not ideal for people with active and busy lifestyles.  Dental implants are a permanent replacement for a missing tooth and incredibly strong since a new synthetic root system is placed as part of the process.  A cosmetic dentist can also replace teeth with dental implants in order to create a perfectly straight and beautiful smile.
  • Dentures.  People that have lost their teeth and are adverse to surgical procedures may want to consider modern dentures.  They are new and improved, easier than ever to wear, and very natural looking.  This is a preferable solution for people that are concerned about being uncomfortable during a dental procedure.

At Texas Dental West, our team of professionals specialize in a variety of cosmetic dentistry services to make our patients look fabulous.  For more information, call and schedule an appointment.

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