A Cosmetic Dentist Can Change Your Smile One Tooth at a Time

Cosmetic DentistBeing a cosmetic dentist, we correct teeth, one small adjustment at a time. The mouth is a very small space, and the spaces between teeth, which make the most difference to a person’s smile, are best measured in millimeters. This means that our work is also measured in millimeters, and often the best results are achieved over time with incremental progress. From straightening your teeth to whitening your teeth, these are all functions of a cosmetic dentist that take a certain amount of time and are undertaken in smaller increments. Taking a gradual and systematic approach to having the best smile possible allows us to work within many budgets and achieve virtually any goal, as long as you are willing to put in the effort and understand that the process takes time.

As a cosmetic dentist, we see the wish list every day. This involves people who want a brighter smile, a more confident look, straighter teeth, less space between their teeth, an endless list of desires that our patients feel will give them the look, and confidence, they desire. The good news is that all of this is not only possible but likely to be achieved over a period of time. Our first steps would be to have a comprehensive plan which works backward starting at what you want to achieve and ending where we are today. This allows us to plot a course and use some of the incremental techniques that we offer to get the job done.

Our smile makeover plan may include some of the following procedures:

  • Bonding: Cosmetic dentists can correct small chips in your teeth, cavities, and even some discoloration by using dental bonding. Dental bonding uses a tooth-colored material to fill in gaps, correct small chips, and even change the color of your teeth. In addition to being used for cavities, which can help with decay issues, and to correct smaller chips, bonding can also be used to remove unsightly gaps in the teeth by closing spaces or covering the entire outside of the tooth to change its shape. Bonding typically only requires one visit to your cosmetic dentist office to complete.
  • Whitening: With the ongoing craze around having the perfect white teeth, a lot of products have emerged on the market that claim to have great results. While many of these do give you whiter teeth it is much better, and faster, to get your teeth whitening done by a trained cosmetic dentist. Using solutions of a much higher potency than is available in the general market, we can have your teeth whitening over the course of one or two visits to the dentist office versus several months of do it yourself treatments.
  • Tooth reshaping: Sometimes a tooth has just grown to be an awkward shape. We can use the tools at our disposal to change your tooth, alter the length, change the shape, and even adjust the contour in a single visit to the office. This practice is commonly used in conjunction with bonding so that you leave our offices with a perfectly shaped tooth that looks amazing and, if necessary, we can use a dental veneer or crown to further alter its appearance.

To find out which solutions will accomplish your smile goals, visit our cosmetic dentist office for an examination.

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