Professional Teeth Whitening for Your Special Day

Teeth WhiteningIf you are preparing for a big event, teeth whitening can help you to look radiant.  Whether you are getting married, graduating, attending a family reunion, or going up on stage, photographs will preserve the memories for decades to come.  Your smile will stand out in images, and a white smile will help you to look amazing.

Using over the counter whitening products can help but won’t produce dramatic results.  Whitening strips typically only brighten your smile by around two shades and toothpaste by one.  It does help, but only slightly.

Professional teeth whitening can deliver stunning results that will be noticeable right away, and there are several types that a patient can choose from.  In our dental office we can create customized trays that can be taken home, filled with professional grade solution, and worn at night to whiten your teeth.  Since the trays are custom made for your teeth, the solution won’t leak out or be uncomfortable.  Many patients prefer this option because they can do it on their own time, while out of town, and in between office visits.  We personally recommend it due to the lasting results and the flexibility that it provides patients.  As an added benefit, once the trays have been created you only need to purchase the whitening gel on an as needed basis. The results are something that you can be proud to show off.

This is an ideal procedure for people of all ages.  Whether a teen preparing for the prom, a bride getting ready for her wedding day, or a parent preparing for their child’s college graduation, a bright white smile will improve your appearance and help you to look radiant.  In addition to using our at home teeth whitening gel, we also recommend that patients avoid coffee, tea and soda in order to prevent stains.  Smokers and people that chew tobacco, are also at risk for having yellow and unhealthy teeth, making this an important habit to break.  Other foods like red tomato sauce and those made with food coloring will stain teeth.  If you are preparing for a special day, it is important not to counteract the whitening procedure with daily habits that can put the stains back onto your teeth.  If habits like drinking coffee are too hard to break, use a straw when drinking.

Prior to any cosmetic dentistry procedure, we recommend that our patients have their teeth cleaned and examined.  It is important to remove any bacteria or plaque that has built up, in order to prevent cavities and gum disease from forming.  Treating the appearance of a tooth before making sure it is healthy is unwise. You will simply be covering up a medical problem if you do so otherwise. During the dental exam, we will make sure that there are no cavities or infections that are causing oral health problems. With a clean bill of health in hand, you can start to brighten your smile right away.

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