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Best Foods to Eat After Dental Surgery


After patients undergo dental surgery, including wisdom tooth extractions, our patients’ first question is often what are the best foods to eat after dental surgery. While your mouth is in pain and you may find it difficult to chew, it’s important to still obtain the nutrition you need, especially while you’re healing. For this reason, Texas Dental of San Antonio compiled a list of foods ideal for patients after dental surgery.

Apple Sauce, Baby Food & Purees

It’s essential to choose soft foods that require little chewing, especially immediately following your surgery. Two options include baby food and applesauce. Both of these contain vitamins and minerals and are easily consumable, even without your teeth functioning normally. If you feel that baby food is a bit expensive, you may want to consider making your own puree. To do so, just steam fruits or vegetables and blend them. Add broth, milk, water, or another fluid for the ideal consistency.

Pasta & Mashed Potatoes

Two ideal foods that’ll fill your stomach are macaroni noodles and mashed potatoes. Macaroni is incredibly versatile, so you may cover it in butter and seasonings or cheese or spaghetti sauce. Cottage cheese is another food you can add to your macaroni.

Soft Proteins

While it’s simple to find soft fruits and veggies and even carbohydrates, proteins are a bit trickier. You could cook chicken or salmon and finely chop it. Scrambled eggs are rich in protein and soft enough that they shouldn’t hurt your sore mouth. You may want to try meatloaf or opt for a protein shake.


If you’re a person who enjoys crispy cereal, this option may not suit you. However, if you’re a cereal lover of any consistency, you can soak your cereal in milk until it’s soft.

We’re Here for All Your Dental Needs!

Although it’s frustrating that you have restrictions on what you can consume after dental surgery, plenty of nutritious and delicious foods rank as the best foods to eat after dental surgery. Contact Texas Dental of San Antonio, Texas at 210-661-4211 for all of your dental care needs.

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