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Soft vs Hard Toothbrushes: Which Is Best for Oral Health?

How do you choose your toothbrush? Do you choose based on price? Color? Maybe you choose one randomly from the shelf, daunted by the enormous selection. If you’re not thinking about the type of bristle, it might be time that you factor that into your decision. Read on to learn whether you should choose a soft bristle or a hard one, and why it matters.

Know Your Bristles

Toothbrushes offer a bit of variance in the type of bristle. Usually, options available will be soft, hard, or a medium, somewhere in between. While it may differ based on each individual’s personal preference and unique concerns, it’s generally acknowledged that soft-bristle brushes are the best choice.

Go Easy

Most dentists are in agreement when it comes to toothbrush bristles–soft is best. Soft-bristled brushes have been shown to be effective in removing plaque from the surface of the teeth and along the gums, keeping the teeth healthy and decay-free. With a medium or hard-bristled brush, you run the risk of being too rough and abrasive with the teeth, causing, over time, issues like gum recession and loss of enamel to occur.

Should I Ever Choose Hard-Bristles?

There really isn’t a reason to opt for anything but a soft-bristled brush. It’s a misconception that soft-bristled brushes don’t do enough to remove plaque. While hard brushes do a good job eradicating plaque, they can do much more harm than good in damaging the gums, enamel, and tooth root.

Don’t Forget To Floss

You know you should be brushing twice daily, but did you know that you should be following that up each and every night with a floss? If you’re not already doing it, make that part of your nightly routine. And if you don’t have your next appointment with Texas Dental on the books, give us a call today.

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