Partial Dentures are an Easy Way to Replace Missing Teeth

Partial DenturesPartial dentures are an excellent replacement option if you have one or several teeth that have fallen out, of your mouth.  Even with improvements in dental care, the majority of adults will lose at least one of their adult teeth.  Previously, full tooth loss was very common, but now dentists are able to restore damaged teeth and prevent tooth loss to the point that people keep many of their natural teeth.

When a tooth falls out the dentist will evaluate the cause and make a determination if it is because of a patient’s overall health, old age, an infection in that particular tooth, or an accident.  This is important to understand because it can dictate which course of treatment is best for the patient.  For example, those with an overall unhealthy mouth or gum disease should not have a cosmetic dentistry procedure like a dental bridge or dental implants until their mouth is healthy again.  Otherwise, the healing period will take too long or simply not work.

Whether due to health issues or simply a need for convenience, partial dentures are an excellent solution for replacing one or several teeth.  Full dentures are used to replace an entire set of teeth where partials can replace however many that have fallen out.  They look completely natural and are made in a dental lab to match the size, shape, and color of the surrounding teeth so that no one will notice dentures are being worn.  Partial dentures are typically secured in place using a bracket like system that relies on the surrounding teeth to hold it in place.  This is an easy procedure for a dentist to perform and does not have the long recovery times of a cosmetic dentistry procedure like installing dental implants.

People who are busy and want fast results will get them with dentures.  This is also ideal for patients who do want a cosmetic dentistry procedure but simply do not have the time right now.  This can be for a variety of reasons including family obligations, work, or financial situations.  Partial dentures can be worn until the patient is ready to start the next dental procedure.

They are easy to care for and clean.  They provide the flexibility and functionality people need to eat their favorite foods, speak clearly, and maintain their appearance without anyone noticing that a tooth is missing.

There is also a benefit to wearing partial dentures over a full set of dentures that should be considered when many of the natural teeth are strong enough to remain in place.  Full dentures can make it difficult to enjoy the flavor of food.  Since they surround the roof of the mouth, many flavor profiles are eliminated.  For those who find pleasure in the taste of their favorite piece of fruit, cake, or roasted vegetable this can be disappointing.  This is not a problem with partial dentures.  To learn more and to decide which option is best for you, schedule an appointment with Texas Dental West.

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