Orthodontics Can Transform Your Smile

OrthodonticsWe can straighten your teeth using orthodontics that deliver stunning results.  Many patients visiting us are worried about their appearance or embarrassed by their smile.  Food can easily get stuck in teeth that are crooked or overcrowded and make people nervous to smile.  Fortunately, there are ways we can straighten your teeth, regardless of how old you are.

There have been technological breakthroughs in dentistry that have made it possible to straighten teeth without using traditional braces.  Metal braces are a reliable solution for moving teeth into place and can also help to align a patient’s bite.  While effective, there are clear drawbacks to this type of dental procedure.  They can be painful to wear, stand out visually, and most patients need to wear them for two years or more.  These features make many adults hesitant to taking the necessary steps for improving their smile.

We offer Invisalign for patients that want to straighten their teeth without anyone noticing. This procedure is an excellent option for busy adult professionals and teens that want straight teeth, without braces.  In this process, custom aligners are made that are worn for a two week period of time then replaced with the next set.  The aligners are completely clear and look like a clear retainer.  Since they are switched out at home, the patient doesn’t need to have as many dental appointments.  This is another solution that is providing real results without the discomfort or appearance of traditional metal braces.

Orthodontics continues to improve and at Texas Dental West, we are committed to providing our patients with the latest options for improving their smile.  This includes Invisalign along with cosmetic dentistry solutions.  At times, smaller cosmetic repairs need to be made.  For example, patients with small gaps or uneven teeth may benefit from using dental veneers to improve their smile instead of traditional orthodontics.  Stubborn crooked teeth can benefit from being replaced with a dental implant and new synthetic root system.  Regardless, of which procedure is right for you, we provide the dental services you need to create a beautiful smile.

Doctors Miranda and Bernal are expert local dentists that believe in the importance of listening to patients and creating customized treatment plans to help them achieve their smile goals.  Schedule a consultation to learn more about the various ways you can straighten your teeth, and they will make recommendations based on your specific situation.

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