Enjoy Halloween Candy — Without the Cavities

It’s October, which means Halloween is almost upon us. Prepare yourself for costumed kids running from house to house, jack-o-lanterns in the windows, and candy everywhere. Did we mention candy will be everywhere?

Never fear: there are ways to enjoy Halloween without the cavities. Follow these tips to help you and your family survive the holiday with your dental health intact.


1. Separate Out Types of Candy

A good place to start is to separate candy into chewy and non-chewy piles. Chewy candies are very tough on your teeth, and put you at greater risk of cavities because the sugar stays in your mouth and on your teeth longer. On the other hand, regular chocolate leaves your mouth relatively quickly, giving you a lower risk of cavities. If possible, after eating your piece of candy, wash it down with a glass of water to minimize sugar buildup.

2. Limit Candy

Do your best to limit your candy intake to one piece a night. This goes for you and your kids. Preferably their one piece of candy will be for dessert at home, since they can brush right away after eating it. Don’t let your kids bring candy to school with them because chances are they won’t be able to brush their teeth afterward and the sugar will stay on their teeth.

3. An Excuse to Brush

Speaking of brushing up, make sure your kids brush their teeth as soon as possible after eating their piece of candy. For younger kids, make it fun and use Halloween as an excuse to buy them a new spooky-themed toothbrush. Remember, it’s important to change toothbrushes every three months or so to get the most out of brushing.

If Halloween candy has gotten the better of you or your child, contact our office today to schedule a cleaning with our friendly team. You can call our Farm to Market 78 location at (210) 661-4211, or our Bandera Road location at (210) 321-9846!

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