Visit an Emergency Dentist if Your Tooth Hurts and You Think You Need a Root Canal

Emergency DentistIf you have a toothache, we can help you to feel better in our emergency dentist office.  Most people go through life not worrying about their teeth or even thinking about them.  They are something that we use constantly, but take for granted, similar to our other bones.  By the time most people think about their teeth it can be too late because a toothache has already started.

A toothache can take place because something is stuck in between your teeth or your teeth and gums.  It can also start due to a major cavity or the center of your tooth becoming infected.  This area is called the dental pulp, and it is extremely sensitive.  When the dental pulp becomes infected or swollen, you will get a sudden and severe toothache.  This is because the roots run through the dental pulp, so they are directly impacted by the change.  If you have this type of sudden discomfort, call our office so we can see you right away.

We will examine your teeth and determine if a root canal is necessary for eliminating the discomfort.  If it is, we will use sedation to ensure that you feel both relaxed and comfortable during your treatment.  Next, we will create a small hole in the tooth that we can use to remove your infected dental pulp and roots, if necessary. We conduct these procedures on a regular basis in our emergency dentist office and will be done before you know it.  Afterwards, we will clean the area to ensure that no infection remains. This should eliminate any discomfort caused by infection.

Once we have removed everything, we will need to seal up the hole and restore any missing tooth structure.  This is done with a tooth-colored filling and once placed, the tooth will start to feel normal.  If your tooth needs further protecting and strengthening, we will place a dental crown around it.  Dental crowns surround the tooth like a cap, preventing anything from touching it directly.  This will prevent any discomfort when you eat or bite down since that pressure will be applied to the crown and not the tooth.  Once done; you should feel as good as new.

As an emergency dentist, we also help patients that have other types of dental emergencies like a tooth getting knocked out, cracked or chipped.  It is common for these types of tooth injuries to occur while playing sports.  Both adults and children regularly suffer from teeth getting knocked out or cracked while playing basketball, baseball or any sport where impact with a ball or person is a possibility.  Other people find themselves with a damaged tooth after a car accident.  With millions of car wrecks on an annual basis, this creates a lot of opportunities for tooth damaged.  The challenge is that the emergency room staff at hospitals are not trained on how to treat dental emergencies.  As such, if you are hurt, you should call our office right away so that we can examine and treat your teeth, and you can get back to normal.

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