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A Cosmetic Dentist Can Change Your Smile One Tooth at a Time

Being a cosmetic dentist, we correct teeth, one small adjustment at a time. The mouth is a very small space, and the spaces between teeth, which make the most difference to a person’s smile, are best measured in millimeters. This means that our work is also measured in millimeters, and often the best results are … Continued

Cosmetic Dentists Do More than Make Teeth Beautiful

If you want to have your smile corrected, cosmetic dentists can help.  Many people think of a cosmetic dentist as someone that simply whitens teeth or creates glamorous smiles.  This is all a possibility but not the only focus of a practice like Dr. Miranda’s.  He can do far more with cosmetic dentistry like helping … Continued

How a Cosmetic Dentist Creates a Dental Bridge

Many people wonder how a cosmetic dentist can help restore their smile after an accident or having a tooth fall out.  Millions of people are in accidents every year and whether it’s a car wreck or workplace injury, teeth can become damaged fairly easily.  When this happens the dentist will try to save the tooth … Continued

A Cosmetic Dentist Can Give You a Hollywood Smile

If you want a glamorous smile, visit a cosmetic dentist.  Hollywood stars look amazing as they grace the big screen and covers of magazines with gorgeous bright white smiles.  It can be easy for people to feel like their smile is dated and dull.  However, the reality is that most stars do not get a … Continued

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