5 Benefits of Flossing Daily

So you’ve brushed your teeth…but you’re not done yet! It’s estimated that 70% of people skip daily flossing as part of their oral healthcare regimen. But just a couple minutes of flossing each day can reap long-term benefits for your oral and overall health. Here are just five reasons why flossing is so beneficial for … Continued

Enjoy Halloween Candy — Without the Cavities

It’s October, which means Halloween is almost upon us. Prepare yourself for costumed kids running from house to house, jack-o-lanterns in the windows, and candy everywhere. Did we mention candy will be everywhere? Never fear: there are ways to enjoy Halloween without the cavities. Follow these tips to help you and your family survive the … Continued

Oral Hygiene While Traveling

At Texas Dental, we know our patients lead busy, full lives. Caring for yourself while traveling can be a challenge – with the hours in the car or on the plane, limited food options, and busy schedule, your normal routine is completely disrupted. Luckily, there are a variety of ways you can keep your teeth … Continued

All About Invisalign®

Today’s dental patients have more teeth straightening options than ever, and one that’s been increasingly popular is Invisalign®. As a type of aligner therapy, Invisalign offers an entirely new way to correct crooked, gapped, or misaligned teeth compared to the conventional braces that have been around for decades. Still deciding if it’s right for you? … Continued

Fastbraces® vs. Regular Braces

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, so you should feel confident showing off your teeth. Many of our patients at Texas Dental come to us seeking to improve their smile, and we are happy to help. We offer a variety of orthodontic options, including traditional metal braces, Fastbraces, and … Continued

IV Sedation vs. General Anesthesia

When you visit the dentist, you may be surprised to learn how many different sedation options are available to you. Anxiety or even fear when it comes to the dentist is all too common, so many offices offer a variety of relaxing sedation techniques to help their patients. We compare two types of sedation: IV … Continued

Can Tooth Enamel Grow Back?

Enamel is the armor that protects your teeth from acid, sugar, and other foreign substances. Enamel is the hardest material in your body and can handle plenty of wear and tear, but it is a limited resource. Because enamel is made from a dense mineral, once it is gone, it doesn’t grow back – meaning … Continued

Brace Yourselves: Types of Orthodontic Braces

With the ability to straighten your teeth and give you the smile you’ve always wanted, braces are a powerful tool in a dentist’s arsenal. However, modern day orthodontic options are different than the clunky, painful “metal mouth” image that you might have in your head. If you’re considering taking the orthodontic plunge, Texas Dental offers … Continued

How to Ease Your Fear of the Dentist

At Texas Dental, we know that very few people actually look forward to going to the dentist — don’t worry, we aren’t offended! Our top priority is providing quality, comfortable dental care that you and your family can rely on. So, we want to share some strategies that might help you to overcome your fear … Continued

What to Expect After Dental Implant Surgery

Are you having dental implants placed and want to know how long it will take to heal or what you can expect when you get home? Here is a comprehensive list of what you can do to help your mouth heal properly following dental implant surgery. Day One In the first hour, you may need … Continued

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